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Retirement & Investment Advisory

Imagine yourself past your working years. What are you doing? Golfing? Relaxing? Traveling? Spending time with family? Whatever your vision is,
we want to help you turn it into reality.

There are two phases to the retirement process: Accumulation and Distribution.

Accumulation Phase

Everyone believes they will retire one day, but it’s a long haul up the mountain. Obtaining a comfortable retirement takes hard work and discipline. Following a process is key to reaching your financial dreams, and it starts with your vision. To help establish your vision, ask yourself these questions:

PLANNING TIP: Take the time now to envision how you want to spend your retirement. Start early and save as much as you reasonably can.

Summary of Ending Account Balance at Age 65

Assumptions: 25 year-old with $40,000 salary, 40 year investment period, varying rates of return and savings

Distribution Phase

Income Threshold

Establish an income threshold that you can, and must, maintain for you to live your desired retirement lifestyle.

Income Withdrawal Rate

Once you are clear on the income needed, you must figure out if your portfolio can sustain the withdraw rate needed to provide you a consistent monthly income.

Income Strategy

Develop a structured income strategy that assures your money will outlive you. To do this, you must consider the sources that will create your income. Are these guaranteed sources of income? If not, what happens to your lifestyle if you run out of money?

Rising Healthcare Costs

The cost of healthcare is by far the greatest expense for a retiree. As we age, more than likely we have a greater chance of needing more healthcare. Rising healthcare expenses have more than tripled the increase of inflation.

Understand Tax Laws

Tax laws—they impact roll-overs and income distributions. Do you have confidence that you understand how to utilize the existing tax laws to your advantage?

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