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Client Experience

6 Unique Reasons to Choose Us

The Frazie Wealth Experience

Your Personal Wealth Advisory Team

Everything we do is about understanding your individual needs and feelings toward money, so we can focus on helping you reach your unique financial goals. We realize one professional advisor and an assistant cannot handle the complexity of today’s financial world. We have assembled an entire family of local, specialized professionals to provide an effective client experience. All of our team members are passionate about taking a very hands-on approach to serving your family.

Freedom To Put You First

We are an independent, family-owned firm that is free from shareholder demands and bottom-line corporate profits. Freedom allows us to be genuinely relationship-driven, so we can care about your success and focus on your needs. Freedom allows us the ability to offer unbiased advice and keeps us from any ties to proprietary products and companies. Freedom gives us unlimited access to hundreds of global strategic partners and first-rate technology tools. All of our freedom is designed to deliver a greater, unsurpassed experience for you!

Digital Wealth Summary Center

Our Digital Wealth Summary Center allows you to have a simple-to-understand summary of all your financial affairs in one safe and secure place. It provides your own private website to organize and manage your total financial affairs. You will be able to view your financial goals, investments, insurance, banking balances and important documents all at the same time, while establishing a clear path toward financial freedom.

Disciplined, Tactical Management of Your Investment Advisory Portfolio

Life changes: the economy, risk factors, investment markets, your goals, family dynamics, etc. We will not just buy and hold. We have a disciplined research-driven approach that strives to identify attractive investment categories that can benefit you in both bull and bear markets. When conditions warrant, we will change your portfolio so you can feel confident our team will constantly be working for you.

Constant, Relationship-driven Communications

We pride ourselves in the strong, personal relationships we build with our clients. You will receive consistent communications from our team for the purpose of letting you know how much we care and to keep you well-educated and comfortable with our decision making. This will include face-to-face financial checkups, several educational and social event invitations, periodic relationship calls, special reports, monthly newsletters and much, much more.

Transparent And Mutually Beneficial Fee Structure

Our advisory fee structure is straight forward. Our advisory accounts do not have commission or transaction fees. We charge a percentage of assets based on the assets we manage for you. Unlike commission based products, this puts us on the same side of the table, with one mutual incentive – growth and preservation of your assets. Simply put, when you win, we win; when you lose, we lose!
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