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The Team

We believe one advisor alone cannot stay in touch with the markets, advise you on your investments, communicate with you, and at the same time handle all other client responsibilities. When you work with our firm, you work with our entire team of coordinated specialists who work together to advise you on your customized wealth strategy.

Nate Frazie

Wealth Manager

Jeremy Frazie

Founder & CEO

Our diverse team of financial specialists enables us to think with different viewpoints and make sure we have looked at every opportunity possible for you.

With our coordinated team approach, one advisor is always watching your portfolio, another keeping you on track with your financial goals, and a team member calling you to check-up on your current situation.

Frazie Wealth Management gives you talented people to work with who are passionate about their area of your financial situation. Why have just one advisor when you can work with our entire team of specialists?

Erika Frazie

Business Ops./Office Manager

Keldon Bowling

Client Relationship Manager

Carrie Roe

Relationship Manager

Payne Suter/FWM Partnership

When you work with our firm and strategic partners, you gain access to our entire team of coordinated specialists who collaborate to advise you on your customized wealth strategy. 

Our partnership with Payne Suter, CPA’s & Company allows us to fulfill our client’s growing need for advanced tax planning, business planning, and asset protection. Reciprocally, we’re extending our wealth management services to Payne Suter, CPA’s & Company’s clients.

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Meet our Wealth Advisor Partners


John Halterman

Certified Wealth Strategist


Carl McClurg

Wealth Manager