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Our Process

Our unique process manages and organizes all aspects of your financial life:

Investment strategy, tax mitigation, family legacy and estate planning. Rather than just accumulating a “junk drawer” of financial and legal documents over time with no meaningful analysis of how each affects the others, Our WSS is about coordination, simplification, and focus on purpose – your purpose! Simply put, our WSS is about providing a custom strategy that allows you to experience the financial freedom and confidence you deserve.



In-Depth Understanding of Your Family Dynamics



The 4 Pillars of a Well Coordinated Wealth Strategy:
After meeting you and learning about your unique situation, we develop and recommend one-of-a-kind financial planning.
We use the combination of the following elements to identify your wealth challenges. This provides us with a foundation for the strategies we develop, which will add the most significant value to your life.



In-Depth Understanding of Your Family Dynamics
We provide a Fiduciary commitment to partner with you in your best interest. We deliver actionable advice, starting with the wealth pillar most important to you and your family. As we progress, our wealth team will work on advanced planning strategies such as securing your family legacy and we will establish the estate planning provisions necessary to minimize the hassle of transferring your wealth and reducing your estate tax burden.


Periodic Review

Strategy Update and Progress Sessions (SUPS)
As life unfolds, changing events often cause your needs to evolve. We will always proactively communicate with you to make sure we maintain a current understanding of your family dynamics. We will constantly be reviewing your strategy’s progress relative to what you want to accomplish.

Who Is Involved In Your Process?

Wealth Management is multifaceted and can be overwhelming. We believe an office of one professional advisor and an assistant cannot handle the complexity of today’s financial world. It requires specialty expertise in several areas of wealth planning.

We have assembled an entire family of local professionals to provide an effective client experience.

All of our team members are passionate about taking a very hands-on approach to serving your family. As you advance through our wealth advisory process, we will engage our entire professional network to begin working together on advanced planning issues such as complex tax reduction, wealth transfer, family protection, and estate & legacy planning.

In addition, we have a nationwide network of wealth advisor partners that we collaborate with on investment portfolio research and allocation decisions, along with best practices to
serve our clients.