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Wealth Summary Center

Robust Financial Planning

We are excited to provide a complimentary, comprehensive wealth strategy center that will allow you to track your assets, liabilities, income, and spending across your accounts, as well as store all important documents in electronic form. Our wealth strategy center is your personal dashboard designed just for you.

Your Financial Dashboard

This is the home screen, which can be thought of as a financial dashboard. It gives a big picture view of net worth, investments, and recent spending.

Your Organizer

FWM’s wealth strategy center organizer, which assists clients in entering their account information from multiple sources, such as banks, brokerages, 401(k)s, 529s, credit cards, mortgage, and insurance accounts, all of which will be updated daily and provide an instant overview of their financial life. In addition, real estate, investment properties and businesses can be entered in the organizer. Important professional contacts and family members can also be entered so they are handy when clients need them. Finally, future goals and priorities, such as retirement income, education expenses, major purchases and charitable giving can be defined so that a FWM Wealth Strategist can view the financial organizer and seek to provide the best wealth management.

Categorizing Spending

This is an example of how the wealth strategy center categorizes spending according to the default categories set up by your credit cards and banks. It is easy to adjust spending categories. Credit card transactions are automatically downloaded, allowing immediate comparisons between actual and budgeted spending. For your privacy, this section can be excluded from an advisors access.

Big Picture​

This is the big picture view of investments. Any publicly-traded holdings can be researched and analyzed using data from Morningstar.

The Vault​

This is the Vault page, it allows the secure storage of electronic files such as trusts, wills, insurance policies, tax returns and financial performance reports.


Finally, the reports screen facilitates the production of many different reports such as balance sheets, 5-Year cash flow statements, asset allocation summaries, and summaries of insurance coverages.

Multi-device Friendly​